There is 250,000 hectares of unused south facing roof space on commercial buildings, warehouses, and factories that could benefit from solar PV within the UK. It’s never been easier for businesses to adopt solar PV, and with our maintenance service we will monitor your system every month so you can reap the rewards without having to worry.


Businesses now have to do everything they can to reduce operating costs and stay competitive. This means more and more businesses are looking at energy bills as a target for cost savings. A well-installed solar system will not only reduce energy bills but businesses will benefit from feed-in tariff paid for every kWh generated even if it is used within the building. Businesses are using solar PV to protect themselves against rising energy prices.

Businesses are under extreme pressure from the government to reduce carbon footprints, especially those with large energy dependent buildings. With consumers becoming more and more environmentally educated it is not unusual for them to look towards companies who have taken action against green issues for goods and services.

How Helios Can Help

-Design, install and commission a system that is well suited to your business needs, which will save you money on your energy bill and earn you money every month through the government feed-in tariff incentive scheme.

-Our team is committed to minimizing the disruption to your business working hours, whilst still installing a top quality system that meets the regulations set by the Micro-Generation certification scheme (MCS).

-Guide you through any planning permission and business cases associated with your solar PV investment.

-We offer monitoring for your system to ensure it is generating properly month on month giving you nothing to worry about once the system is installed.

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