Many schools in surrey and the south are taking advantage of solar PV opportunities to reduce energy bills. Schools tend to have large buildings with plenty of roof space perfect for installing solar PV.

Benefit Financially

Schools use a lot of electricity, especially with the advancement of technology in the learning process. Solar PV can reduce energy bills and save your school money, which can be spent on improving other facilities. An investment in solar will protect you against rising energy prices

Installing a solar PV system creates a great opportunity to educate pupils on sustainability through a working example of renewable technology first hand. Encouraging sustainability and the protection of our environment is all about setting an example.

How Can Helios Help

-Design, install and commission a system that is well suited to your business needs, which will save you money on your energy bill and earn you money every month through the government feed-in tariff incentive scheme.

-Solar PV can be daunting so the team at Helios will guide you through every step from the initial survey to commission your system for feed-in tariffs.

-We will assist you with any planning permissions and business case associated with the project.

-We will install the system with minimal disruption to school open hours and term times.

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