Coulsdon Solar, Battery and EV Charger

03rd Feb, 2021


Mike came to us having just brought a new fully electric car (very nice Tesla model 3). He was looking for a charging solution but also to look at other green technologies in order to offset the increase in electricity usage that would come from charging his new Tesla.

We went through a number of options with Mike and settled on a solar panel, Tesla Powerwall battery and smart car charger system. The system consisted of a 14-panel 4.55kW solar panel system across three roof spaces at the back of the property. The Powerwall battery is mounted on the side of the house next to his Zappi smart car charger.

The Tesla Powerwall battery has enabled Mike to store any surplus electricity generated during the day from his solar panels and use it when he wants when the sun isn’t shining. This means that all free self generated electricity is used onsite. The smart car charger monitors solar generation and house consumption which gives mike the option of charging his car from free surplus self generated electricity too! 

We visited Mike a couple months after the install to check he was satisfied. He was very happy with his system and told us that a couple of weeks prior the rest of the road was plunged into darkness because of a power cut whereas he didn’t even notice due to the back capabilities of the Tesla Powerwall.

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