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Expert EV Charger Installation for Home and Business

The electric car market is experiencing a rapid growth in the UK, reflecting a nationwide shift towards more sustainable transport options. However, with an estimated 30,000 public charge points across the country, the real focus for most EV owners is the convenience of at-home charging. The majority of electric vehicles are privately owned and are often kept overnight at residential properties, highlighting the pressing need for reliable ‘at home’ charging solutions.

At Helios Energy, we are at the forefront of catering to this growing demand. We supply and install a diverse range of high-quality EV charge points, including prestigious brands like Tesla, to both domestic and commercial properties across the South East of England. Our mission is to make EV charging as effortless as possible, integrating cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design to ensure that your transition to electric driving is both seamless and sustainable.

Benefits include:

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Most private charge points cost half the amount of rapid charging points found at service stations.
Fast Charging

Fast Charging

Depending on the size of the charger your car can be fully charged in as little as one hour.
Elevated Property Value

Elevated Property Value

With ownership of electric cars increasing, the demand for charge points is higher than ever. Having an Installation could also make your property more attractive to potential buyers when selling your home.

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The process

Stage 1 – Assessment and quote Stage 1 – Assessment and quote A member of our team will visit your property to discuss your requirements and suggest an EV charger system that best suits your needs and property.
Stage 2 – Position Stage 2 – Position We will work with you to choose the best location for your charger to be installed based on your power supply and where you park your car.
Stage 3 – Install and test Stage 3 – Install and test Installation will take about a day and as part of this we’ll ensure your charger point is working.
Stage 4 – Switch on Stage 4 – Switch on You’re off! With everything tested and working you can start charging your own car, save money and save the planet.

Why go electric?

There’s no denying that electric vehicles can seem an expensive initial purchase in comparison to petrol or diesel vehicles, but they can really save you money in the long run. Not only do they have lower running costs, but they are also exempt from road tax, and have reduced fuel and maintenance costs.

Furthermore, if you do want to install an electric charge point at home, the government offers The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme – a grant that provides a 75% contribution to the cost of one charge point and its installation – a saving of up to £350! Because of this, we’re able to offer a discounted installation rate directly to you.

It’s not just about the financial benefits, electric vehicles could really help save our planet as with zero exhaust emissions, they help reduce harmful air pollution. There’s also a trend for manufacturers to use more eco-friendly production and materials i.e. the Ford Focus Electric is made up of recycled materials and the padding is made out of bio-based materials.  The Nissan Leaf is another great example with its interior and bodywork partly made of green materials such as recycled water bottles, plastic bags, old car parts and even second-hand home appliances.

You can extend these environmental benefits if you choose to recharge your vehicle using renewable energy such as our full solar PV systems featuring solar panels, powerwalls and charge points.

Ready to go electric?

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Ian Farminer
January 13, 2024
Helios Energy was used as the installer by the supplier of our solar system. An amazing team arrived to fit our system. We would like to thank, Laurence, Gavin, Russ and Aaron for all their hard work during the install. Having met the team, we would highly recommend Helios. If only we had known of them in the first case.
Darren Edwards
November 4, 2023
I used Helios to supply and install a solar panel and battery system in April having had them them recommended by a neighbour and seeing the quality of their work. They listened to my requirements and concerns and installed a system that I am very happy with. They did a great job installing the panels and running cables so they regained out of sight. They also installed the inverter and batteries in my garage to take up as little space as possible . Their pricing is as competitive and they used good quality equipment. I have had a couple of queries regarding system tuning since the install and they have assisted with these. I would highly recommend this small family run company.
Ian Francis
October 13, 2023
Helios installed solar panels, batteries and EV charger. They were very responsive and professional. I highly recommend.
Ian Challand
October 12, 2023
I have an existing solar and battery installation and needed an additional battery. I researched several companies and chose Helios based on price, location and knowledge. I found them to be very reliable, and they kept me informed every step of the way. I found them to be thorough in asking me what I needed and the best way to implement my needs and to deliver and install my products efficiently and to always clean up afterwards. This si the company the others should aim to emulate.
Douglas Elder
February 7, 2023
Extremely speedy job putting up our solar panels and very happy to explain as they went. Also extremely nice guys!
Les Beer
January 13, 2023
Good people to deal with, Will et all supplied my kit about 4 years ago, very professional installation with good advice too
John Knights
October 30, 2022
Absolutely satisfied with Helios excellent, informative service. Totally satisfied ......Highly recommended.
Susan Booker
November 1, 2021
Laurence is a very pleasant and friendly electrician. He did a good job and left the area clean and tidy. Very happy with the work and will definitely call him when we need more work .
Bev Willstrop
July 22, 2021
Very pleased with the work done to reinstall my solar panels following roofing work. The guys worked so hard in over 30 degree heat. Polite and cheerful throughout. Panels working well again. No hesitation in recommending to others.
Joseph Kelly
June 8, 2021
Lawrence came to help put up several pendant lights and a porch light in our new house and he was very efficient and professional with his work. We look forward to using him again in future for a loft light and outdoor light. We highly recommend his services! Joe and Lucy

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