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It’s thought that more than 1,000 schools in the UK have installed solar PV systems over the past few years to help address climate change, educate pupils and provide crucial funds for their already strained budgets.

School buildings tend to be ideal for solar PV installation thanks to their large frames with plenty of roof space. What’s more, installation provides a great opportunity to educate pupils first-hand on sustainability through a working example of renewable technology. 

At Helios Energy we can design, install, and commission a solar PV system that is suited to your school’s needs, saving you money on your energy bills, protecting you against future increases, and reinjecting vital funds into school resources. 

We appreciate that solar PV research and installation can seem a daunting task to undertake but we’ll guide you through every step from the initial survey, assisting with planning permission if required, to commissioning your system for feed-in tariffs. We’ll also ensure that when we do install your system that it’s done with minimal disruption at a time that suits you.  This can include working around school opening hours and out of term time.

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Benefits Reduce your energy bills Schools use a lot of electricity, especially with the advancement of technology in the learning process. Solar PV can reduce energy bills and protect you against rising energy prices. This saves your school money which can be spent on other needed resources.
Reduce your energy bills Empower your pupils Not only does a solar PV system drastically reduce your carbon footprint but communicating the benefits of sustainability to your pupils through a working example will undoubtedly provide more direct engagement and can be used to compliment lessons like geography, science, design and technology and IT classes.
Empower your pupils Great ROI Domestic properties without solar storage battery still have the age-old issue that electricity is generated during daylight. So, if they are not at home during the day most of the solar electricity will go unused. Most schools are the opposite as they use the most electricity during the day, so they should be able to achieve higher savings as a result.
Great ROI A great PR & marketing tool Climate change is one of the most serious problems our children will face and as awareness increases, so have parents’ expectations. They now want to see schools demonstrating commitment to sustainability. Installing a solar PV for your school demonstrates passion for the children of the future and provides a great PR and marketing tool.

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