How it works



Solar Panel

The sun shines on your specifically positioned solar panels generating maximum electricity levels from the sun


The energy captured is sent directly to your inverter. This box changes the direct current (DC) electricity captured by solar panels into alternating current (AC), which is what is required for electrical circuits and your domestic appliances

Fuse Box

The inverter sends the converted electricity to your fuse box which can then be split depending on your requirements e.g. appliances, storage battery, and electric car charge point

How the energy is used...

Solar Panel & Invertor

When there is no sunlight, your solar panels will obviously not be capturing any electricity. This is where your storage battery comes into play.

Storage Battery

The energy captured during the day goes from your storage battery back into your fuse box to then feed your domestic appliances and electric car charge point as required.


You can also charge your storage battery from the electric grid overnight and benefit from the cheaper rates

How the energy is used...

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