We appreciate that the world of solar PV can be quite complicated. At Helios Energy we’re always more than happy to chat to you on the phone or in person about any of your queries. We have also put together a handy FAQs page just in case we can answer your question with the click of a button.

What is solar PV?

Solar PV is generating electricity from the sunlight. Panels, mounted normally on a roof space, use the sunlight to generate DC electricity which then flows through an inverter to convert the DC in AC – the electricity type most used in your home or business.

How much electricity can be produced by solar panels?

Panels are getting more efficient every year. The panels we install are generally between 300W and 375W but can have more output. 

The amount of electricity produced really depends on the size of the system, shading and orientation. Generally speaking, we estimate for every kW of solar PV installed, you will generate around 1000 kWh per year. 

We have clever spreadsheets and calculation tools which take your individual circumstances  into consideration and can more accurately predicted  your proposed systems output. We provide a breakdown of this with every quote we send out.

I have a flat roof; can you still install solar panels?

Yes of course. We work alongside many fixing system manufacturers who have solutions for almost every type of roof out there flat or pitched.

How long do solar panels take to install?

This really depends on the size and variables of your system. When we visit you to discuss your options, we will give you a good indication of timescales. Generally, a 4kW system will be fully mechanically and electrically installed in two or three days.

I have a problem with my solar PV system, but it doesn’t look like my manufacturer exists anymore. Can you help?

Having been involved in the industry for a substantial amount of time this problem is not uncommon. We have great contacts with manufactures to get to the bottom of this problem and help with any warranty claims. We also have the knowledge to advise you on alternative options if needs be.

Do the storage batteries work with any type of solar PV panels?

Yes, battery storage systems work any solar PV panels. It works to store the electricity your panels produce for use whenever you like.

How long do storage batteries last?

The Tesla Powerwall for example guarantees 90% efficiency for up to 10 years after install. Different manufacturers have different guarantees and warranties – we will make you aware of these during the survey and quotation phase of our process.

How long will it take to charge my car?

The rate of charge will depend on your car and on your charge point. Many manufacturers of charge points have different charge modes dependent on your needs e.g: the my energi Zappi has a fast, eco and eco+ mode. Zappi will deliver up to 7kW provided the supply connection is suitably rated in fast mode which will charge most cars as quick as possible

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