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Helios Energy Finish Work on Chesnuts Primary School
Helios Renewable Energy is an Accredited solar PV installer based and operating throughout the southeast. We recently finished work on a 10KW system for chestnuts primary school. The system is 40 modules situated on the roof space above the school.

The system is set to earn the school £1150 per year from feed in tariffs for the next 20 years guaranteed and save the school an additional £520 per year on their energy bills. These savings will be great for the school and means more money can be put into improving facilities for the children at the school.

Everyone at Helios Renewables, hope that the project on the roof of the school is a catalyst for home and business owners to realise the financial and environmental benefits of an investment in solar energy, and get involved in this hugely rewarding renewable technology. With interest for domestic and commercial solar projects on the rise, we are looking on course to hit our 150kW installation target for 2015.

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Best day of the year so far for Solar
Wednesday the 1st of July 2015 was a great day for solar installations in surrey and throughout the UK. Our system along with many others across the country posted the best day of the year so far. The 3kW system situated on the roof space above the Helios HQ placed daily production figures of 18.07 kWh with a CO2 reduction of 8.041kg. The system also gained 8.993 GBP in revenue and more in bill savings.

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3.35kW Reigate Residential solar solution
Helios Renewable Energy have just finished work on a 3.35kW rooftop solar PV system for a client in Reigate, Surrey. This client approached us searching for a solar PV solution from a reliable solar PV installer for his new property. We designed a suitable system to fit the needs of our client and guided him through every step of the process. We completed our work to the highest of standards and on a tight schedule. Our client is now generating his own clean energy and benefitting from reduced energy bills and government feed-in tariffs

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Shop at Strood Green
We have installed a 1kW system on the community shop in Strood Green, Brockham. The shop is set to get a return in excess of £230 per year for the next 20 years from Electricity Bill savings and the Feed in Tariff. The income will be great for the shop which will also benefit from a massive 8.5 Tonne reduction in it's Carbon emissions over the same period.

We hope that the project will be a catalyst for local home owners and small businesses in surrey and the south to realise the financial and environmental benefits that come from Solar PV Systems.

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Happy 2015!
2014 has been the best year yet for PV system yield since we installed back in 2011. We've had over 3MW from our 2.94kWp system which is about 10% above what you'd normally expect and beating, 2012,our previous record yield into the bargain. You can view our current performance by clicking here

The system has again operated without issue and given us free Electricity and FiT income plus we've done our bit to combat Global Warming.

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